A Kind of Joy, we have been looking for this for many years, it is something many of us are seeking; is it a designed space, or is it a found space? - Is discovering the same as inventing? - Is it a dwelling or an attitude within which to reside within a dwelling?


Is it a collection of dwellings or a single unit? Are these dwellings distributed across space or clustered together? Are specific materials required? Are there specific types of spaces and circulation? How about how these dwellings are used? Is that part of the plan? A Kind of Joy, what is it?

It is something we are striving for and can attain... perhaps the attainment is only momentary and fades away the moment we have it in our hands?


A Kind of Joy, perhaps it sounds a bit like Kind of Blue by Miles Davis? Blue and Green?

A Kind of Joy ar/t/khitecture and musound. The building blocks, the datum, the DNA are to be found in The Codex.


Collectivist, Individualist, do we believe in the common good, or pure selfishness?

Heaven looks like a different place to different people. We become incompatible with each other as we work towards different dreams.


What is your dream?