Anthony Dahu Mumagi

Anthony (aka Dahu) completed his MArch studying part time at LSBU where he gained a distinction and an award for academic excellence for his dissertation 'Transdiciplinary Assemblages of Embodied Dis/Enchantment' [Download PDF], on reclaiming magic for architectural research and practice with a case study on Hampton Court Palace. Anthony also holds a BA/Hons in Architecture from the University of Liverpool, where he wrote his first class essay 'Ecological and African Architecture', graduating in 2009.

Anthony has several years of experience in private residential architectural design and construction ranging from small extensions to new build houses and small blocks of flats, in the main by working and training with two boutique Architecture practices based in Surrey.

In his early musical career Anthony (then known as David Huw Davies via adoption) independently studied composers from Purcell and J.S. Bach, through to Beethoven, Debussey, Prokofiev, Schoenberg, Stockhausen and John Cage. First learning the piano, classical clarinet and working with Atari computers to produce music, Anthony has frequently looked for ways of fusing the traditional and established with the innovative both in academia and in subculture. Inspired by Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and John Coltrane he was trained by British Jazz legends Pete Churchill, Don Rendell, Keith Tippet and American saxophonist Jean Toussaint.

In 1999 he studied ethnomusicology and African Studies at SOAS, after which he released several self produced recording and writings, based on his eponymous 'Mumagi' cosmological platform (1999 - 2015), opened at Steve Bicknels 'Lost' for the legendary Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills, with his musical group Mumagi DuKru (2000, 2001), orchestrated a sold out live music and dance event at London International Jazz Festival in (2003) and toured Europe with Meshell Ndegeocellos 'Spirit Music Jamia' (Jahi Lake, Chris 'Daddy' Dave, Ron Blake, Michael Cain) in 2005. More recently Anthony has contributed saxophone improvisation to an album of bioelectrical recordings with Michael Allen Z Prime on the Mycelial Network project.

Throughout his career Anthony has travelled to gain experience and inspiration for his creativity, taking him on adventures to St. Lucia, Martinique, Indonesia, New York, Senegal, Gambia, Morrocco and around Europe. Between 2016 - 2018 he lived as a busker on the streets of Granada, Andalusia; the experience of which inspired his Masters dissertation.

Anthony maintains a keen interest in the links between music, philosophy, art and architecture, now connected on an intellectual level with his affiliation with a parallel academia centred around the New Centre for Research and Practice.

'I am deeply passionate about breaking free from conventional boundaries in my creative and collaborative endeavors. My work centers on transcending standard notions of race, religion, genre, discipline and even the boundaries of humanity itself. I am already engaged in innovative collaborations with non-human entities, such as rocks, found objects, specific places, and the intricate networks of production and energy that power our modern world. These unconventional partnerships have allowed me to explore new dimensions of communication and perception.

I am open to further collaborations, commissions, or projects that expand the horizons of connectivity and push the boundaries of what is considered possible. My goal is to foster a more profound understanding of our world and our place within it by listening to the unheard voices, whether they emanate from the natural world, the energy grids, or other unexpected sources. I invite anyone who shares this passion for transcending traditional limits to join me in this journey of exploration and discovery.' ADM